How to Choose a Jewelry Store: Everything You Need to Know

choose a jewelry store

Are you interested in buying a new pair of earrings, a watch, a wedding band, or another piece of jewelry? If so, you shouldn’t encounter any issues when it comes to finding a jewelry store that can sell you what you’re looking for.

As of 2022, there are almost 50,000 jewelry stores scattered throughout the country. It should make it fairly easy for you to find a jewelry store that has what you want.

Before you choose a jewelry store and begin buying jewelry, though, you should make it your mission to locate the best jewelry store in your area. It’ll ensure that you’re able to get your hands on great products and excellent customer service at the same time.

We’ve created a guide that is designed to help you as you start to look around at different options for jewelry stores. Check it out below and use it to hunt down the right jewelry store in your city.

See What Your Options for Jewelry Stores Will Be

When you’re first trying to choose a jewelry store, you should take it upon yourself to create a long list of options for jewelry stores in your area. It’ll give you a better idea as to how many of these options you’ll actually have.

It should be simple enough to compile a list of local jewelry stores by Googling “jewelry stores near me.” It’ll show you which options you’ll have so that you can research each of them further.

Whatever you do, you don’t ever want to simply select the first jewelry store you can find and choose it. It might not end up being the best choice after everything is all said and done.

Look at the Jewelry Store Website for Each of Your Options

After you’ve generated a list of local jewelry stores, you will want to go ahead and visit the jewelry store website for each one. By doing this, you can do your homework on your options for jewelry stores and see which ones seem like your best options.

When you’re on a jewelry store website, you should look at:

  • How long a jewelry store has been in business
  • Which types of jewelry a jewelry store specializes in selling
  • Where a jewelry store is located
  • Who you’ll work with when you patronize a jewelry store

The more you’re able to find out about a jewelry store, the better off you’ll be in the grand scheme of things. It’ll shed so much light on what your different options can bring to the table.

Read Online Customer Reviews for Local Jewelry Stores

When you’re on a jewelry store’s website, they’re obviously going to try to sell you on their products and services as best they can. Each option will make it appear as though they’re the best option of the bunch.

Because of this, you shouldn’t trust jewelry stores exclusively to provide you with information about themselves. You should also read online customer reviews for jewelry stores so that you can see what the people in your community have to say about them.

Ideally, you will want to end up with a jewelry store that has a wonderful reputation on your side. You’ll feel better about buying jewelry from a jewelry store like this since you’ll know that they have a knack for doing right by their customers.

Check Out Which Brands Jewelry Stores Carry

Not every store is going to carry the same jewelry brands. It’s why you should take a closer look at which brands different jewelry stores carry, especially if you want to buy jewelry made by one specific brand.

Some of the best jewelry brands in the business include:

  • Mikimoto
  • Cartier
  • Breitling
  • Montblanc
  • And more!

You’re going to want to know that you’ll be buying high-quality jewelry from a jewelry store when you invest in it. The only way to ensure that you’re able to get this kind of jewelry is by sneaking a peek at which brands a jewelry store keeps in stock.

Make Sure Jewelry Stores Have What You Want to Buy Available

Outside of checking out which brands a jewelry store carries, you should also try to find out whether or not a jewelry store has the type of jewelry you want. You might discover that different jewelry stores will have different kinds of jewelry available.

If you’re in the market for, say, an engagement ring, you might not always come across a large selection at some jewelry stores. There will be other options for jewelry stores that will have much better selections of engagement rings.

It would be worth considering what you’re going to be buying after you choose a jewelry store so that you can see to it that the store you select sells what you need.

Go Through the Process of Comparing Jewelry Prices at Different Stores

Comparing the types of jewelry that different jewelry stores sell should help you narrow down the original list of stores that you put together. But you shouldn’t stop there. You should also work your way through the process of comparing jewelry prices at different stores.

Some jewelry stores are going to be able to help you find affordable jewelry since it’ll be almost all that they sell. Other jewelry stores might only have custom jewelry on hand that could cost you a pretty penny.

You will need to think about what your budget for buying jewelry from a store is going to be. You will also need to locate a jewelry store that has pieces that are going to fit into your preferred price range.

You might even want to kick around the idea of buying jewelry online through a store. This will give you a much better opportunity to compare the price tags that different stores have put on their jewelry pieces.

Find Out What Kind of Customer Service Jewelry Stores Offer

From the second that you first walk into a jewelry store, you want the people who work at this store to treat you like royalty. You are, after all, going to be spending your hard-earned money on their jewelry, so they should go above and beyond for you in terms of providing you with incredible customer service.

If it feels like the employees at a jewelry store don’t want to be bothered by you, this isn’t going to be a good sign. It might ruin the jewelry buying process for you if you continue working with them.

You may want to go as far as to see if a jewelry store can make an appointment for you to meet with one of their associates. If they’re willing to do this, it’ll indicate that they appreciate your business and recognize the importance of providing you with stellar customer service.

Look at the Return Policies for Different Jewelry Stores

As long as everything goes accordingly to plan as you aim to choose a jewelry store, you should be satisfied with the jewelry that they’re able to set you up with. But there is always a chance that you might buy a piece of jewelry and then want to return it later.

With this in mind, you should evaluate the return policies for different jewelry stores prior to picking one out. It’ll put you in a position to choose a jewelry store that will accept a return if you would like to make one.

Most jewelry stores are going to accept returns to some degree. But there are certain ones that will have return policies that might not work out in your favor. It would be nice to know this going in so that you don’t end up getting upset later on when you’re not allowed to return a piece of jewelry that you purchased from a particular store.

Choose a Jewelry Store That Checks All the Right Boxes

Figuring out which jewelry you would like to buy from a jewelry store can be a very big decision. You want to have the right jewelry store on your side to help you make the smartest decision possible.

Next time you need to choose a jewelry store in the Houston, TX area, we hope that you’ll consider turning to us for help. We sell an assortment of quality jewelry and can assist you in looking for exactly what you’re trying to find.

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