Repair Your Jewelry With Our Stone Replacement Services

Daniel & Co. Offers Stone Replacement Services to Fix Damaged Pieces of Jewelry.

Restore Your Precious Treasures to Their Original Glory

Our jewelry repair experts have years of experience replacing gemstones and diamonds in various pieces of jewelry. Whether you lost a stone or it’s damaged, we carry many replacement stones on-site at one of our jewelry stores in Houston and Conroe. We’ll work tirelessly to restore your jewelry to its original splendor, assuring our replacement stones fit seamlessly.

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Gemstone and Diamond Replacement in Houston and Conroe

The diamond or gemstone in your ring, earring, or necklace breathes life into the piece. If the stone is damaged, lost, or doesn’t fit your personal style, we can help.

Browse through our extensive selection of gorgeous loose gemstones and diamonds. Find an exact replacement or refresh your piece with something new. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your jewelry looks its best once we’re done with it.

Our in-house experts use both new technology and old-world techniques to provide our customers with exceptional repair services. We can help you with stone replacement to prong work to ring sizing. Whatever repairs you need, Daniel & Co. has got you covered.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Schedule an Appointment

Use our online contact form to schedule an appointment at whatever time and location are most convenient for you. You can even upload pictures of your jewelry and gemstones for our designers to review before you come in.

Step Two: We Replace or Repair Your Gemstones

In addition to repairing or replacing your diamonds or gemstones, our jewelers inspect and clean your piece to find any additional flaws.

Step Three: Enjoy Your Jewelry

Your jewelry will feel refreshed once our jewelry repair craftsmen have thoroughly inspected and repaired it.

Hear What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

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Why Daniel & Co. Is the Leading Choice in Houston and Conroe

Daniel & Co. was founded by Daniel Dang several decades ago on the foundation of providing our customers with exceptional customer service. We’re proud to be the leading jewelry designer company in the Houston area with showrooms in a variety of locations.

Whether we’re creating a custom jewelry piece or helping our customer repair a prized family heirloom, we take each project seriously. Our goal is to provide our customers with vibrant jewelry pieces that are high-quality and original.

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Custom Fine Jewelry With Daniel & Co.

Whether you need stone replacement or jewelry repair in Houston, Daniel & Co. has a solution for you. From diamond rings to necklaces filled with precious gemstones, we can revitalize your jewelry pieces.

Stop by one of our four locations in the Houston and Conroe areas. We look forward to helping you with your jewelry repair needs.

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If you have any questions about our stone or replace replacement services, to schedule an appointment, please contact us: (713) 980-9798;