Not all Swiss watches are created equal.  When you think of the best-of-the-best, Rolex Watches will always come to mind. But, if you ask 10 owners of Rolex watches why they are the best, you will get 10 different answers. Pamper yourself and others with a meaningful gift that surpasses time, but captures a moment.Owning a Rolex is a matter of prestige and timeless symbol of success.

When you close your eyes and think about Rolex, what does that mean to you? For each person the answer will be different and important. The value of a Rolex is ultimately what drives someone to purchase and embrace owning a timepiece designed and created by the most recognizable of the major Swiss watchmaking Maisons. But,there that value is different to each buyer.

Here are some of the most popular reasons owners of luxury Rolex timepieces share with us:

  • Rolex Watches Make a Statement
  • Owning a Rolex Timepiece is an Investment
  • Rolex Watches are Beautiful
  • Rolex Watches are Dependable
  • The Variety Within the Rolex Watch Collections 


Rolex Watches Make a Statement

Watch to make a statement, show up for lunch with a new Rolex. Regardless of how it is noticed, your Rolex will be the talk of lunch. At the top of that list, you will find a Rolex watch is highly recognizable and beloved because of the quality and craft of the brand. Owners of these incredible watches share with us that they appreciate that others can identify their taste for quality and appreciation of fine swiss watches.

While a Rolex watch is a collector’s item, the standout statement of this timepiece as a gift, without a single word, speaks volumes. A gift of a watch is a special way of commemorating moments that the gift giver wants the Rolex wearer to relish each time the wearer checks the time.

A Rolex is the perfect gift for a mother on Mother’s Day, a perfect piece of bridal jewelry from the parents of the groom, and a birthday gift that will never be forgotten. Daniel &Co. has engraving services to take your gift of a Rolex to the next level! Can you think of a better promotion gift?

Owning a Rolex Timepiece is an Investment

There are lots of Houston Jewelry Stores, but not many will allow you to assess your investment options when investing in a Rolex. Visit Daniel & Co. to learn more about how Rolex watches are not only beautiful and stylish, but owning a Rolex is an investment. Owners report, first and foremost, they feel they are investing in themselves – by reinforcing their value by investing in timepieces that will stand the test of time. Year over year, the Rolex Brand creates luxury watches that maintain their worth.  

Otherwise, the investment in a Rolex is also returned in years of having that quality timepiece and the ability to resell the watch if they desire. The Rolex brand is widely known for lasting years and years and having a substantial resale value. Many Rolex watches offer value both in terms of their quality as a product, and their resell or investment value 

Rolex Watches are Beautiful

With so many variables and so much customization available, there is a Rolex watch for every buyer. No matter your taste, and no matter what you consider a beautiful Swiss watch; Whether you want a women’s watch or a men’s watch, you will surely find the beautiful Swiss watch of your dreams. Rolex watches can be very simple and elegant, with different face colors and bezel types. They can also be encrusted with jewels or mother of pearl. Each watch has an undeniable style and will compliment any personality and lifestyle. Regardless of your style, a visit to Daniel & Co. will be the first step in finding the Rolex just for you.

Daniel & Co. is known for providing the best jewelry & watches in the Houston area, but Rolex is head and shoulders above. We have lots of beautiful jewelry and Swiss watches, but there is nothing quite like a Rolex.

Rolex Watches are Dependable

Rolex watches are among the highest quality Swiss watches in the world. Rolex l has stood for quality since its inception in 1914the reliable smooth sweep of their hands and ability to endure harsh weather and circumstances with stellar performance. The Rolex brand comes with a legacy of quality and care with rigorous quality assurance measures balanced with delicate manufacturing. Rolex is recognized for lasting and consistent technological and mechanical advancements that have been respected and praised throughout the luxury watch community. Most notably, Rolex watches have stand-alone automatic winding mechanisms. Rolex pushes the limits of magnetic resistance with the Milgauss collection. And the Sea-Dweller, which was developed for the US Navy, is still highly celebrated within tue diving community.

Recent advancements have included the development of the patented ceramic ‘Cerachrom’ bezel material, which provides an incredible appearance in addition to superior UV resistance and an almost completely scratch-proof surface. Rolex really masters form and function, with a dependable and beautiful Swiss watch.


The Variety Within the Rolex Watch Collections 

Personality is an important factor for Rolex Watch owners; they want a luxury timepiece that makes a statement about who they are and supports their lifestyle. With 15 distinctive luxury watch collections to choose from, you are likely to find just the right Rolex watch for you. EAch variety has different physical features and styling so both the look of your Rolex watch and the ability of your watch to perform are unmistakable.

Do you get your thrills in the sky? Then you might consider a Rolex Air-King or Rolex Sky-Dweller. Do you spend more time in the water? Consider the Rolex Sea-Dweller. Is the open road the place you feel most alive? Then the Rolex Daytona, the ultimate drivers watch, could be your ideal purchase. Is your style more classic and more classic conservative? You might like the Rolex Cellini with a leather bracelet versus a showier watch.

Whether your passion is for business, sports, different Rolex watch collections suit different personalities and different needs. This is one of the most beloved parts of the strength of Rolex as a brand. The distinct character of each one of their watches means that whatever your taste, almost everyone can find a Rolex that feels right, and which feels like an expression of their personality. Each Rolex watch tells a story about you.

A Few Interesting Facts About Rolex Watches

While there are things about Rolex everyone knows; high upon the list, that Rolex is the most influential luxury watch brand of our time, there are still some things about Rolex Watches that many do not know:

What’s in A Name? Rolex

More often than not, you will hear that instead of the typical watch naming conventions – brands named after the designer themselves – the Rolex name was chosen because it could be spoken in any language and was a short, memorable name that would look great on the face of a watch. While this has neither been confirmed or denied by the watchmaker, this is the most commonly accepted answer. Funny enough, Rolex also sounds like the winding of a watch.

Handiwork – Rolex Watches Are Each Handmade

No amount of technology can communicate the love and care put into a watch like the care Rolex uses. Each watch is built by hand, with essential mechanical elements also built and assembled by Rolex. After this painstaking watch build, each swiss watch is independently tested.

Annual Metrics

Knowing that each Rolex watch is hand-made, you might not be shocked to hear that it takes nearly a year to build one Rolex watch, but you might be shocked to know that Rolex makes between 800,000 to 1 million watches per year. That is a lot of designer watches!

Swiss Watches – A Wartime Decision

Rolex was not always a Swiss watchmaker. In fact, Rolex decided to move to Geneva in 1919 when the pressures of wartimes taxes put pressure on the makers of fine jewelry and watches. This make the move to Switzerland imperative.

Rolex Retails in More Than 100 Countries

While you can visit many countries and find a Rolex watch retailer, Houston;s choice is still Daniel & Co. Come visit now for the best fine swiss watch decision you have ever made – Rolex. Learn more about watch buying and come by to see our fine selection of watches and fine jewelry at any of our Houston Texas area locations.