Custom Fine Jewelry: How to Find Your Best Options

custom fine jewelry

You’ve just received a beautiful ring that’s been a family heirloom for generations. The gemstone is stunning, but the design is a little dated. 

Rather than keep the ring hidden away in a jewelry box, why not reset the stones into new jewelry that you’ll love to wear? Similar to redesigning vintage wedding dresses, this is one way to repurpose old family treasures. 

Whether you’ve received an old wedding ring or you need a piece created from scratch, custom fine jewelry is the answer. Discover how to find the best store and more about the process below. 

Do You Have an Idea in Mind? 

If you’re creating a piece from scratch, you might have some ideas for your custom fine jewelry. For instance, maybe you like a particular cut or band style. 

When you visit the jewelry store, they’ll ask you about what you have in mind. 

We use computer-aided design (CAD) to bring your ideas to reality on the screen, so you can see the jewelry before the casting process. 

If you don’t have an exact idea, that’s okay. You can also bring or send photos of designs that you like or that inspired you. Perhaps you want to combine two or more elements into one design. 

Make sure you find a jewelry company that can create custom jewelry from sketches or photos, if applicable. 

Does the Jewelry Store Have Experience? 

If you want custom fine jewelry to last a lifetime, you want to go to a jeweler with experience and credentials. Buying jewelry isn’t cheap, and you want to make sure you’re making an investment in a quality piece. 

The benefit of choosing an established business is that there are plenty of testimonials and reviews you can read to help you make your decision. 

At Daniel & Co., we’ve been crafting fine pieces for over 40 years. We have experience designing and crafting custom pieces, and we use state-of-the-art technology to bring your ideas to life. 

Do They Offer a Wide Variety of Options? 

Make sure the jewelry store you visit can create custom pieces. There’s no point visiting a store that doesn’t offer custom designs. 

If you plan to establish a relationship and visit the store in the future for all your jewelry needs, you also want to ensure they offer a variety of services. For instance, an in-house gemologist can help you figure out what stone is best for your needs. A bench jeweler repairs or resizes jewelry

It’s always best to return to your original jeweler if you need help with repairs or resizing in the future. That’s why you should choose a jewelry store that you trust. 

You should also frequently have your jewelry appraised to ensure you have enough coverage for it. 

Is the Jeweler Knowledgable? 

If you work with a reputable jeweler, they should be able to answer any of your questions and help clarify any points. If someone on staff cannot answer your questions, they should be able to direct you to someone in the store who can. 

You should be able to understand the process, which is why the best jeweler is one that can break down concepts into a language anyone can comprehend. If you’re curious about the process or timelines, they should be able to explain it to you. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to the jewelry design and the stones used. To create a piece you’ll truly love, you need to communicate what you like and what you want your finished product to be.

Make sure your jeweler listens to you. If you feel you’re not being heard, don’t be afraid to walk away. 

When Do You Need the Piece By? 

Timeline is a big factor when it comes to custom fine jewelry. Determine when you need the piece by and whether the jewelry store can deliver on that time frame. 

The process of designing a custom ring can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on factors such as complexity and the materials used. 

Do They Offer Warranties?

Fine jewelry is an investment, and a solid warranty can provide peace of mind. What is the jeweler’s policy on warranties? 

Warranties cover manufacturing defects and may include resizing, if needed, in the future. 

What’s Customer Support Like? 

You should be able to form a relationship with your store and feel comfortable returning to them for all your jewelry-related needs. However, you won’t want to return if they don’t have stellar customer service. 

Are the staff friendly and knowledgeable? Do they attend to your needs and answer your questions? Is there an unnecessary amount of upselling

You should feel valued, so focus on finding a jeweler that wants to be your partner rather than someone who just sees you as a quick sale. 

Ask to See Past Work

When buying custom pieces from a jewelry store, it’s a good idea to ask to see past work. Looking at these pictures and examples can give you a better idea of the quality you’ll receive and whether the jewelry designer is capable of bringing your vision to life. 

You might even find inspiration in the designs you view or discover styles you hadn’t considered before that you truly love. 

Is the Location Convenient? 

When shopping for custom jewelry, you want to make sure the location is convenient for you. 

Of course, there are both brick-and-mortar and online stores. Either option works if you’re interested in creating custom pieces. 

If you schedule an appointment for an in-person meeting, you can speak with our master jeweler. 

Find the Perfect Custom Fine Jewelry

Before you buy jewelry, make sure you ask the above questions and do your research on the store. 

At Daniel & Co., we’d be honored to help make your custom fine jewelry a reality. We specialize in designing fine jewelry and watches. Visit one of our convenient Houston locations or contact us to get started crafting your one-of-a-kind piece today. 


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