5 Reasons the Mens Rolex Watch Is Still an Iconic Luxury Timepiece

Mens Rolex Watch

Did you know that Rolex brought in a record-breaking $13 billion in 2021? Rolex is one of the most popular luxury brands in the world, accounting for over 25% of all luxury Swiss watches. While the brand does come from humble origins in 1905, the brand has evolved to employ over 6,000 people with a global footprint in over 100 countries. 

Men’s Rolex watches have dominated the luxury watch industry for a seriously long time. This is due to the combination of the quality, design, and rarity of its timepieces. 

Interested in learning why Rolex is the most famous watch brand in the world? You’re in the right place. Here’s a quick look at Rolex and the reasons why Rolex has become an iconic brand today.


When it comes to luxury brands, Rolex manages to secure a top spot on every list. This iconic brand has become synonymous with luxury and success, making it one of the rarest and most valuable timepiece brands on the market. Despite Rolex increasing production steadily over the last decade, some models still have year-long waitlists.  

The History of the Brand

Rolex is a British-founded timepiece company that’s based in Switzerland. The company was initially founded back in 1905 before moving to Switzerland for better economic opportunities. The company was originally called Wilsdorf and Davis but was later changed to Rolex in 1915. 

Despite producing mechanical watches, Rolex was also instrumental in the development of the original quartz watch movements. This highlighted the advanced nature of the watchmaker as it continuously sought to push the boundaries of what a luxury timepiece could be. The innovation at Rolex is clear as the company is recognized as the inventor of several watch technologies that the rest of the industry enjoys today. 

Some of the most notable inventions include the first reliable waterproof wristwatch case in 1926 and the first wristwatch to accurately display two time zones at once in 1954. These breakthroughs helped bring Rolex into the limelight, a space that they quickly claimed as part of the brand itself. 

Luxury Marketing

Rolex used its fame as part of its marketing strategy as it went out of its way to sponsor some of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. This includes being the official timekeeper for Formula One, sponsoring all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and even a few induvial athletes such as Tiger Woods and Roger Federer.

As you can see, Rolex sponsors events in a very tactical way to help build its brand. By sponsoring sports such as tennis and golf, Rolex manages to associate the brand with luxury and prestige. In this way, Rolex manages to leverage the spotlight to elevate the entire brand.

Why the Men’s Rolex Watch Is an Iconic Luxury Timepiece

As mentioned above, Rolex is a premium watch brand that prioritizes quality above everything else. While many modern brands have entered the market over the last few decades, Rolex stands well above the competition as an icon. Here are a few reasons why Rolex dominates the luxury watch industry. 

1. The Brand 

Rolex is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Even though the Swiss watchmaker only sponsors a handful of sporting events around the world, the brand has become synonymous with luxury and elegance at every level. From famous sports stars to presidents, Rolex has been seen on the wrists of some of the most powerful and influential people in the world. 

This kind of marketing is more subtle but adds to the prestige of the brand. Rolex has consistently placed its product in the perfect way, solidifying its place within the luxury market. This is why everyone dreams of owning a Rolex watch one day as it has become a status symbol in society. 

Rolex watches are not cheap. However, this does not make them any less desirable as the price simply elevates the luxury brand. This is what makes people want to work for the status that the watch celebrates so effortlessly. 

The brand is also not very common as Rolex has kept a close eye on production numbers and distribution. This means that you can’t just stroll into any store to buy a Rolex but have to go to an authorized dealer. This elevates the entire experience of buying a Rolex, making it feel premium and elegant from the second you walk in the door. 

2. Unmatched Quality

Rolex is not an expensive watch brand for no reason as each watch takes a seriously long time to build. While other watch brands leverage robotics to streamline the watchmaking process, Rolex is dedicated to handmaking every single Rolex that leaves the factory. This attention to detail takes time and costs money, increasing the price of every Rolex as well. 

However, the quality that you can expect from Rolex is second to none. Even though there are more expensive watch brands on the market today, none of them can compare to Rolex in terms of quality and attention to detail. This means that you can rest assured that your investment is worthwhile regardless of what Rolex model you get. 

Rolex has invested substantial amounts of money in designing the most efficient, accurate movements for its watches. Despite all the technological advancements they have made, Rolex still insists on assembling every movement by hand. While there is an incredibly high failure rate when setting the watch in motion, Rolex is dedicated to keeping the entire process intact so that every watch that leaves the factory is still made with the same level of care. 

3. Iconic Designs

Rolex has evolved as a watch brand over the last few decades. With this, the brand has launched quite a few different models. However, Rolex has still managed to create a unique design language with all of its watches to help make every Rolex instantly recognizable. 

Every Rolex features the iconic logo in the center dial, helping bring a little bit of uniformity to the brand. Despite this, every model of Rolex is incredibly unique, with Rolex offering a wide range of color options to choose from as well. This allows you to find the perfect Rolex for you. 

4. A Valuable Investment

Rolex is one of the most famous brands in the world. As mentioned above, Rolex has managed to position itself perfectly to remain in the limelight for decades. While many may believe that this is to help them sell watches, it actually helps the entire brand retain its value. 

This means that if you were to buy a Rolex compared to any other watch, the Rolex would manage to hold its value a lot better than other brands. In some cases, the popularity and rarity of the timepiece can actually cause the watch to appreciate in value. This helps make it one of the best investments you can make. 

Luxury watches in general have proven to be great investments as they can often act as a natural hedge against inflation. While the value of money may decrease around you, the value of luxury timepieces continues to rise, holding their value over time. This makes for a great argument to diversify your portfolio by investing in a rare Rolex. 

5. Limited Production

One thing that all luxury brands have in common is limited production. Luxury brands are not phased about making a small profit on millions of units as much of their value comes from the rarity of the pieces themselves. Rolex is no different as they prioritize quality and precision over mass production, leaving them with incredibly limited production numbers. 

While it’s true that the brand has invested in expanding its factory in Switzerland, the truth is that Rolex has no plans on evolving its production process. This means that every Rolex watch is still going to be assembled by hand, no matter how long it takes. This showcases the commitment to the quality by the brand.

Despite the record-breaking production numbers in 2021, Rolex only shipped a little over a million watches. While this is more than luxury brands such as Cartier and Audemars Piguet, many people believe that the 1-million-unit production number for Rolex is heavily controlled. This is because Rolex has the skills and finances to ramp up production to meet demand, but they purposefully refuse to. 

By refusing to increase production, they can sustain the demand for a longer period of time. This then causes the used market to skyrocket, allowing them to increase the retail price for new Rolex watches as they enter the market.  

Soaring Rolex Watch Prices

With the production of Rolex watches being limited, the demand has not seemed to slow down over the years. Despite the economic hardships of 2008 and the 2020 pandemic, Rolex watches have managed to hold their value. This makes it one of the best investments you could possibly make. 

Rolex watches are in such demand that there are serious waitlists that you would have to join to buy one straight from the factory. While many may think that this would end up decreasing demand, it has caused the used watch market to skyrocket. This is because the used market is the best option for many to get their hands on a Rolex today. 

While many may not think that a used luxury watch is worth the money, the truth is that Rolex watches are incredibly durable and are designed to last more than a lifetime. This makes a Rolex the perfect gift to hand down to your future generations. However, this also means that Rolex is a great watch to buy in the used market. 

In some cases, the used watch market can command high prices than the recommended retail price of a brand-new timepiece simply because of the lack of supply. This is why the Rolex Air King can come with a retail price of $6,200 while there are some models selling for double that.

Kinds of Rolex Watches for Men

Rolex may have humble roots, but the brand has expanded over the last few decades. Rolex has quite a few unique models available, with a few limited-edition variants as well. Here’s a quick look at some of the different kinds of Rolex watches available today.

Rolex Diamond Watches

Rolex is a clean, classy, luxury brand that does not often incorporate diamonds into its designs. However, the brand does have a few unique models that you can get with factory-set diamonds. While it’s possible to add diamonds by yourself later, factory-set diamonds are always the better option as they are done with the utmost care. 

Factory-set diamonds in a Rolex are incredibly rare, adding to the overall value of the timepiece. This is why you can expect to pay well over market value for these rare watches. 

Rolex Gold Watches for Men

Rolex uses only the best materials when crafting its luxury watches. However, most watches from Rolex are made from Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Gold. While it’s true that there are other watch brands with more valuable materials, Rolex’s combination of material quality and build quality is unrivaled in the industry. 

As mentioned above, every last piece of the movement is crafted and assembled by hand, highlighting the insane attention to detail that comes with every Rolex watch.

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Men’s Rolex watches are the most sought-after luxury timepieces on the market. Rolex has dominated the luxury watch market for a seriously long time as they have prioritized quality above everything else. This quality allowed the brand to grow into the popular, rare, and valuable brand that it is today.

As mentioned above, Rolex offers a wide range of watches for you to choose from. This is why it’s important to come and see our latest range for yourself. If you’re ready to find the perfect luxury timepiece for you, visit us in-store today.


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