Swiss Watch Spotlight: Rolex Watches

Rolex is one of the most prestigious brands of watches globally, and owning a Rolex watch is a matter of honor and prestige in our world today. Surely, if someone gifts you a Rolex watch on your birthday, you will feel very special no matter where you are in your life because the watch is a very valuable possession. In fact, many people save money up for years to one day be proud owners of a beautiful Rolex watch and feel like they have truly hit a milestone at that point.

How did Rolex get to this point though? Were they always this prestigious, or has this happened recently? Let us take a look at the brief history of Rolex Watches:


The founder of Rolex was a man known as Hans Wilsdorf, who was born a German but shifted to Switzerland in his youth. He gained his experience working in a company that sold pocket watches and wristlets. In 1905, Wilsdorf, with his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, set up a business known as Wilsdorf & Davis, where they began to sell prestigious timepieces. The first major victory for Hans Wilsdorf was that he made wristwatches for men fashionable. In those days, wristwatches were mainly worn by women and not considered fashionable for men. Wilsdorf used his exceptional marketing skills to release fashionable wristwatches that men would not be opposed to wearing and he made a name for himself and his brand.

He changed the name of the company from Wilsdorf & Davis Ltd to Rolex Watch Co. in 1915 and proceeded to open their first Geneva office in 1919, after which they moved their headquarters to Switzerland. They trademarked the crown with five spikes as their brand and kept releasing luxurious, fashionable products. They associated themselves with sportspeople and athletes of both genders since they marketed the Rolex by giving one to the first woman to swim across the English Channel, Mercedes Gleitze. They were also able to garner a name for their brand when Sir Edmund Hilary, with his expedition to Everest, all wore Rolex watches during their climb. Most of the 20th century was dedicated to the popularization of the Rolex, and it is becoming one of the most prestigious brands on the market; and we can see how it has held that status till now.

Rolex Buying Tips

The interesting thing about a Rolex is that its brand image is so strong that not everyone who wants to buy a Rolex is really into watches. Everyone just knows it as the ‘best watch’ or a status symbol and therefore want to own one because they can.
However, because most people don’t know much about Rolex, it is precisely the reason why they do not end up making a good decision. Since the purchase is costly and it is so easy to get scammed and end up with a sub-par product, people need to take all the proper measures to ensure that they end up with the correct product and exactly what they want. Here are some things to look for when buying a Rolex:

Check Your Budget

All Rolex are costly purchases, which is why it is so important to know your budget when you set out to buy one. Do not go out to buy a Rolex if you cannot afford to or if you have to dip into your savings or other important resources to buy it. It may be a status symbol, but you should only buy something this expensive when you have enough money to do so, and it will not affect your savings and general spending money in any way. If you really must, then you should wait for when you can afford it and then make the purchase.

Do Your Research

Always do proper research when you are trying to make an expensive investment such as a Rolex watch. There are thousands of models, and of now and each is more prestigious than the other. There are always the limited edition ones a well that people flock to get their hands-on, and they are very exclusively available. We suggest you go for the model that speaks to you. You can do proper research about the specifications and features of each model, but you will likely know right off the bat which one is calling out to you.

However, there is a dark side to researching these watches too. Many people go down an endless rabbit hole and are unable to find the right fit because everything speaks to them! They open catalog after catalog and a hundred different websites to ensure they see everything. In times like this, it is extremely difficult to make a decision, and even when people end up making a decision, they are not fully satisfied because they keep looking at what else they could have had.
Since Rolex is a Prestigious brand as is, you should try going for the first watch that speaks to you. Narrow the list down to two or three maximum and make your decision from there.

New, Pre-owned, or Vintage

Not everyone who buys a Rolex has to buy a new one; it is perfectly acceptable and respectable to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch since it does not depreciate in value too much. You will still be paying an exorbitant amount for it, and it will still be a great status symbol. Most pre-owned watches are also in excellent condition, so you can easily pass them off as a new ones as well!

Vintage watches are also an option, but some vintage Rolex watches sell for close to a million dollars now! Of course, you can try your luck at your nearest pawn shop instead and see if they can make you a good deal. Vintage Rolex watches are more of a valuable piece for show than actual functionality, though.
If you do have the savings for a high-quality brand new watch, you can always buy a new one. Many people will not settle for anything less than the newest and trendiest models, so pick your poison!

Know Your Style

Rolex makes all kinds of watches, and not everyone is for everyone. People have different styles of watches that look good on them, and anyone who has ever worn a watch before knows exactly what looks good on them. Therefore, go for a Rolex that matches your style. You can easily make your way to a Rolex store and try out the different styles that the person behind the counter will show you and buy whichever you believe suits you the most.

Find A Reliable Watch Dealer or Go To A Rolex Store

If you want to buy a new Rolex watch, you can easily make your way to your nearest Rolex store or do some research about which store has the greatest variety of watches and make your way there. However, there are many other reliable Rolex dealers as well who deal in new and pre-owned watches that will suit your purposes just as easily as a store with brand new watches will. Just make sure you have enough reviews on the dealer, and you can trust them to be reliable.

Rolex Selling Tips

Selling your Rolex is also as meticulous a task as buying one. Do not jump at the idea of being able to sell to anyone, and make sure you have done all your research before you sell your Rolex.

Take Pictures

First of all, if you plan on adding your Rolex to an online page or store, you need to make sure you take high-quality pictures of the watch. Use a professional camera to do the job or at least the camera of a high-quality phone. Make sure you take pictures from every angle and try to do so under natural light so that the details of the watch are easily visible. You might also want to retouch some of the lighting and the colors on the photo to enhance the quality. A good picture will increase the likelihood of your watch being sold.

Auction Houses

Auction houses are a great place to sell your Rolex watch. The procedure is fairly transparent, and it seems like you can get a reasonably good price for your item. However, make sure you know that auction houses take a cut of their commission from everything you sell as well. So not all the money goes into your pocket, and you sometimes might end up with less money than you initially expected to get.

Add Everything That Came With The Purchase

Make sure you include everything that came with the watch when you sell it. This includes any accessories, the bracelet, etc. The most important things to include are the box and the papers authenticating your purchase. All new Rolex watches come with papers that authenticate your purchase, and sometimes the box alone sells for hundreds of dollars! So if you include everything that came with the watch, it will probably increase the total value of the watch and end up with buyers who are willing to pay more.

Make sure you let the vendor know about the model number of your watch as well. Many models have now been discontinued as well, and the, and for a higher or lower price. Remember that it is ultimately very important to be transparent with your buyer so they know they are getting a good and honest deal when they are entrusting you with the purchase.

Get It Authenticated

If you do not have the papers that authenticate your purchase, you can go to a jeweler who has a Rolexmaker who will inspect the movement of the watch and open it up to see if it is real. Once the Rolexmaker proves that your Rolex is real, you can ask the jeweler to prepare papers for you that can prove that the Rolex is authentic, and you can sell it for what it is worth.

You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself

A lot of people who own Rolex watches have been handed them down from previous generations or received them as gifts. Many of these people do not know much about the resale and purchase of watches, so it is hard to trust yourself when you are making such a valuable transaction.
You should remember that you do not have to undertake this task all by yourself and that there are vendors out there who will help you sell your watch! Many of these sellers do keep a cut of the final price as their commission, but it might be worth it since the price could be higher than how much you are trusting yourself to get. Many Rolex sellers are also highly trusted in the market generally, and buyers are willing to pay a higher price to them because they can trust their products.

Where To Find Rolex Watches?

There are a lot of reliable and reputable jewelers out there who you can trust with the purchase and sale of your precious items. There are likely quite a few in your vicinity as well, and it is important to find a reliable vendor for your valuables since they likely mean a lot to you. Daniel & Co. has the largest selection of watches from all valuable and prestigious companies such as Rolex. You can easily trust them to help you with the most authentic transactions, and you will most likely get a good and fair price for your valuable items as well.

Not only do they stock Rolex watches, but they also have a magnificent collection of Patek Philippe watches in their catalog, and you can rely on them to give you the fairest price possible. They are a very trustworthy source of new and used watches so you can go to them for all your watch-related needs and we can assure you that you will come back with complete satisfaction.


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