10 Most Common Questions About Custom Jewelry Design; Custom Made Jewelry in Houston

Custom made jewelry design in Houston

There are thousands of beautifully crafted earrings, rings, amulets, and necklaces anyone can purchase from local or online jewelry stores. Even so, you may not find one that perfectly suits your unique style. But you have come to the right place. We are one of the few jewelers where you can find custom made jewelry in Houston, Texas. 

You can invest in a signature piece to show your endless love to your loved ones for many generations. Of course, our expert jeweler will help you find answers to some of the most common questions you may have concerning custom jewelry

  1. What is custom jewelry design?
  2. Why should you make custom jewelry?
  3. When should you consider a custom jewelry design?
  4. Can a jeweler copy a jewelry piece?
  5. How long does a custom design ring take to create? 
  6. What is the best stone to use in a custom design engagement ring?
  7. How is a custom design ring made?
  8. Can I use my family stones or metal?
  9. What type of setting is best for my ring?
  10. What are the benefits of custom jewelry design?

1. What Is Custom Jewelry Design?

Custom made jewelry is a unique piece that no one else has. Moreover, it also embodies your style and emotions. When you make a piece of custom jewelry, you get your ring, necklace, or bracelet according to your exact specifications. It is a design that is exclusive to you. Therefore, if you are looking for custom made jewelry in Houston, look no further. Daniel and Co can help you with your jewelry issue from scratch or start to finish.

2. Why Should You Make Custom Jewelry?

Custom made jewelry is more than a gift. This piece embodies pleasurable memories, whether you create the jewelry for yourself or your loved one. Additionally, custom design jewelry is a unique piece that you can hand over to generations as part of a valuable inheritance.

3. When Should You Consider a Custom Jewelry Design?

You may want to invest in custom jewelry to symbolize your everlasting love for your special someone. Another good time you may consider customized jewelry is when you wear a piece that reflects your unique style and interests. When you cannot find what fits your style from online shopping, it is time to get custom made jewelry in Houston

4. Can a Jeweler Copy a Jewelry Piece?

Sometimes jewelers may copy universal styles such as the vintage halo setting. You can also have your old engagement or wedding ring replicated or modified into something new by an experienced jeweler. Nonetheless, as a top jeweler of custom made jewelry in Houston, we do not make copies of exclusive pieces made and patented by other jewelers and individuals.

5. How Long Does a Custom Design Ring Take to Create? 

It takes between six to twelve weeks for a goldsmith to create custom made jewelry in Houston. Nevertheless, this duration depends on the complexity of your design. On average, rendering and CAD can take three weeks, seven to fourteen days for wax mold, and three weeks for the casting process. However, a professional goldsmith can speed up the procedure to enable you to deliver your gift in four weeks.

6. What is The Best Stone to Use in a Custom Design Engagement Ring?

Your personal preference is always your best choice when choosing a custom design ring. However, durability is vital when selecting gemstones for your engagement ring. Of course, diamonds are considered the hardest of all precious stones and are a favorite choice for custom made jewelry in Houston. Diamond is known to make beautiful and durable engagement rings. You may also consider other hard gemstones such as Sapphires and Rubies. These stones can also create beautiful custom design rings. 

7. How Is a Custom Design Ring Made?

After you consult with your gemologist, the process of creating a custom design ring moves to the stage of rendering with CAD. At this step, you can view your final jewelry in a photo-realistic image. During this stage, you may make changes to your design. The jeweler then moves to the wax model level, where the custom jewelry CAD renders into the 3D model. Lastly, the professional goldsmith handcrafts your piece from all the jewelry rendering processes. The ring is polished and textured at the casting and finishing stage. Furthermore, the gemologist also adds other details such as engraving to complete your custom design.

8. Can I Use My Family Gemstones or Metal?

Of course, you can use the family diamond that you inherited or own. At Daniel & Co, our experienced goldsmith can help you reset pre-owned gemstones into new jewelry. An expert jeweler can help you design your piece from scratch. Sometimes, a jeweler may also work with a graphic you have found to give your jewelry a newer look.  

9. What Type of Setting Is Best for My Ring?

Do not be surprised when your custom jeweler asks you what type of setting you need for your exclusive piece. A jewelry setting refers to the metal base your gemstone or diamond sits on. During prehistoric times, jewelry settings were unnecessary since the metal band could hold smaller diamonds or gemstones. Today, designers have modified jewelry settings to support bigger and different shapes of stones.

A professional goldsmith can help you select the best setting you’re your ring whenever you are in doubt. Some of the setting styles for custom made jewelry in Houston and other places include the following:

  • Prong settings
  • Micro pave settings
  • Pave settings
  • Bezel setting
  • Illusion setting

10. What are the Benefits of Custom Jewelry Design?

You own a unique treasure

Your jewelry is exclusive to you. At Daniel & Co, our expert goldsmith works with you to ensure that you get your desired design right.

Custom jewelry demonstrates your love more meaningfully

Custom made jewelry is not just a unique piece. Your design embodies your emotions and expressions, which make it a meaningful gift for your loved one.

Increased Value

Over time, your custom design jewelry appreciates. As the current market price for gemstones or diamonds increases, so does the monetary value of your jewelry.


Besides engraving, ring resizing, and maintaining your family heirloom; a professional jeweler can also reset your gemstones into new jewelry. Custom jewelry aims at creating quality pieces that have an emotional connection. Furthermore, you get value for your money, and not only do you buy another piece of jewelry, but an heirloom that will last throughout generations.


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