A fair question. So much so that we created a more detail article on the subject here.  And, once you understand the full work and quality put into a Rolex you will understand just how valuable they really are. Let me share a few points with you. It takes a great deal of time for a master craftsman to create this watch. The movements themselves are the heart of the Rolex and all the movements are hand assembled and tested. Not only is the manufacturing done by hand so to is the cleaning and polishing. Even the hour markers are set individually by hand. They focus on material and science to perfect them and to create great accuracy. Rolex regularly adds new improvements into the movements to stay above all others in the market of luxury mechanical watches. Additionally, Rolex has its own R and D laboratory to develop new techniques and better manufacturing methods . Rolex uses only the finest quality materials so that all their watches run and function correctly and accurately. Rolex doesn’t use standard stainless steel they use only 904L instead. It is harder and has much more shine making it more difficult to work on. The dial is made of white gold and the bezels are ceramic. Smaller details like the hour marker themselves are sandblasted platinum. No shortcuts are taken on Rolex watches and every detail counts on this luxury watch.


When you focus on Rolex compared to other brands, your getting more for every dollar you pay. Rolex focuses on quality and workmanship and of course the value and reputation it up holds in the luxury watch market. Rolex prices are priced higher but for a very good reason. Looking at the economies scale of prices Rolex is very competitively priced amongst other brands. Rolex makes a million watches a year but still control all aspects of the manufacturing process down to every last detail like melting down their own gold and steel. You may think that Rolex is expensive but once you break down the craftsmanship and the materials it’s worth it for this high quality timeless timepiece.


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