Frequently Asked Questions About Used Rolex Watches for Women

How Much Is a Basic Rolex Watch for Women?

The elegance and unmatched accuracy of pre-owned Rolex watches for women attract watch collectors to the brand. Most ladies also admire this Luxury Swiss engineering timepiece for its longevity and sophisticated style.

 Rolex makes decorative feminine watches with quality gemstones, precious metals, oyster steel, and mother-of-pearl. This renowned watch-maker crafts each timepiece with extraordinary Swiss engineering and established techniques. These precise tactics ensure it stands as a representation of perfect timekeeping for decades to come. 

However, buyers often ask some common questions about used Rolex watches for women before taking the next step. In this blog, we have outlined six such examples. 

  • What is the cheapest used Rolex watch for women?
  • What is the best second-hand Rolex to buy for a lady?
  • Is it worth buying a pre-owned Rolex?
  • What is so special about a Rolex?
  • What makes Rolex expensive?
  • How much is a basic Rolex watch for women?

What Is the Cheapest Used Rolex Watch for Women?

Of course, timepieces made from stainless steel are cheaper than products made from gold or watches with components engraved with quality precious stones.

  • Datejust – The price of a well-maintained older version of a stainless steel Rolex starts from $2,000 to $3,195. 
  • Oyster-Perpetual 31mm–The cheapest pre-owned timepiece made in stainless steel retails at about $2,695 depending on factors such as age. 

What Is the Best Second-Hand Rolex to Buy for a Lady?

Globally, watch lovers appreciate the Rolex brand for making products that show professionalism, functionality, and timeless beauty. The most favored used Rolex watches for women you can buy include:

  • Day-Date 
  • Lady Datejust 31 Jubilee Watch
  • Date just 36 Oyster Watch


After its inception in 1956, the Day-Date model gained fame after the 36 President of the U.S.A. adorned it on his wrist. Buyers and retailers sometimes call this timepiece “the president’s watch” because of this event.

The Day-Date has undergone about three variations. One of the versions changed the quickset mechanism date. The company did the latest update in 2000 that saw some changes added to the legendary president bracelet.

Day-date is available in platinum, rose gold, and yellow, which all have different dial variations.

Lady Datejust 31 Jubilee Watch

Made of stainless steel, the model features shiny silver-toned hands and an 18=carat white gold watch bezel with a black dial. These unique qualities make the Rolex Lady Date just 31 Jubilee, a durable and high-performance watch. You can take your second-hand timepiece to an expert for restoration services and ultrasonic cleaning to help give your wristwatch a near-new look.

Date Just 36 Oyster Watch

The beauty of this timepiece is in its pink floral dial, which makes it a perfect adornment to wear during the summer and spring seasons. You can match your wristwatch with your accessories, like necklaces and earrings. 

Because Rolex uses quality stainless steel material, the Datejust Oyster watch has durability and a shine that lasts a long time. 

Is It Worth Buying a Pre-owned Rolex?

It is worth purchasing used Rolex watches for women because you can choose from a wide range of sophisticated designs, styles, colors, and prices.

Rolex is one of the top watch brands with established global recognition as an ultimate status symbol. Some celebrities and tycoons often seek to purchase new models of Rolex, which sell at higher prices than the pre-owned models.  

For example, used Rolex watches for women can cost as low as $ 5,595 for earlier versions of Lady-Datejust President (Yellow gold), while jewelers’ price a new one at about $ 25,650. You still get value for your money by purchasing a pre-owned Rolex because it looks and works like new after professional servicing.

What Is So Special About a Rolex?

Used Rolex watches for women are not only perfect at giving you the hour, minute, and second. Because they comprise quality watch-making materials, they keep their beauty even in extreme environments. Rolex wristwatches such as ladies Yacht-Master models are well-known for their durability.

Quality Material

The company uses Oyster Steel, which is exclusive to the brand. This corrosion-resistant steel alloy belongs to the 904L steel family and keeps an excellent sheen when polished. The Rolex company also uses 950 platinum blended with ruthenium. Using this material, Rolex jewelers make watch cases that keep an unparalleled glow and brilliance.


Used Rolex watches for women are unique because their gem-set watches are crafted with exceptional prestige. Using quality precious stones such as gold and diamonds makes this brand unique. You can select from different styles featuring elegant colors such as pink, white, black, blue, yellow, and more. Rolex feminine watches are chick and have exceptional beauty.


Rolex ladies’ wristwatches are water-resistant with chronometer-certified mechanical movements. Most women will buy this model because of this incredible feature.

The company produces watches from robust materials such as platinum and stainless steel. Rolex uses state-of-the-art technology combined with unique craftsmanship to make timepieces that last a long time.

What Makes Rolex Expensive?

Jewelers price most luxury watch brands depending on their structure. Two factors that make used Rolex watches for women expensive include:

  • Costly watch-making material – Rolex watches for ladies are high-priced because the company makes each timepiece from 904L stainless steel. These materials are resilient to extreme climates and are also long-lasting.
  • Keeps charge – a perpetual rotor inside the wristwatch energizes Rolex timepieces’ mechanical movement. The watch can run on the energy your wrist movement provides. This movement transfers power to the mainspring of your watch. Depending on the model you wear, your luxury wristwatch can keep its charge for up to two days.

 How Much Is a Basic Rolex Watch for Women?

Rolex pricing depends on factors such as materials, collection popularity, new movements, and complications. Watch retailers draw the reference for the basic feminine watch from timepieces made from stainless steel. The average cost for wristwatches in this category starts from $7,000 to $12,000, but you can buy pre-owned versions for less than $3,000.


When looking into second-hand Rolex timepieces, you need to consider factors like demand, age, materials, and the general condition of the watch. Wristwatches with diamonds or other precious stones embedded in the watch material will have a high resale value. 

Of course, you need to learn how to clean your watch and ensure that you take your timepiece to a professional jeweler for regular service and maintenance. With regular maintenance, your luxury watch will stay newer for longer.


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