Trusted Jewelry Appraisal in Houston

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We appraise jewelry

and watches in Houston

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Why Choose Daniel & CO?

Daniel & Co. specializes in fine custom-made jewelry, high quality diamonds, colored gemstones, and luxury Swiss watches. This includes Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and more.

THE COMPANY (Since 1991)

“We uphold the principle of honesty, trust, and integrity.”

As a third generation custom jewelry manufacturer, our customers today can expect high quality, bold, and original designs. Our CEO, Mr. Daniel Dang, holds these principles highly in order to continue his predecessors’ legacy.


As a child, Mr. Dang aspired to create a renowned fine jewelry business that will one day be recognized internationally and become a dynasty in the jewelry world. Daniel Dang amassed his knowledge and skills before advancing to become a master jeweler. Later in his career, Mr. Dang opened DANIEL & CO. on April 14, 1991 in Houston, TX. Currently, Mr. Dang has three storefronts in the greater Houston area and one opening in the Summer of 2021.