How to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

If you have done the challenging work of finding the perfect individual to spend the rest of your life with, you may think that choosing an engagement ring is simple. However, for many Americans, finding the perfect engagement ring is a big challenge, especially one that fits their budget.

In the past, choosing an engagement ring required only a few considerations and questions: emerald cut or princess? Yellow or white gold? However, nowadays, there are seemingly endless designs and patterns to choose from when figuring out where, when, and how to purchase an engagement ring and, more importantly, choose a ring that fits your budget. An engagement ring is certainly one of the most significant purchases you will make.

If you are hoping to get engaged or have just popped the question, we can help you get that dream engagement ring with a few simple tips to save some money along the way.

Go for a Smaller Center Stone

Do you love the look of a big center stone but have to cut down on carat size? If so, you should consider adding a halo to your engagement ring. Keep in mind that halos bring a beautiful and unique element to your design while increasing the overall surface area of the engagement ring.

Adding a few beautiful moissanite, diamonds, or gemstones around the center stone will definitely give you a wow factor and will not cost you as much as adding that extra carat.

Consider a Custom Ring

Have you searched for months and still can’t find a gemstone, design, or style you love? If so, consider designing a customized engagement ring for your special day. Customizing an engagement ring is among the best ways to get a ring of the best quality.
Also, engagement ring customization makes it simpler to get the ring you always wanted. A custom engagement ring can also be more affordable than conventional styles when you purchase them from jewelers like Daniel & Co.

In many cases, the unavailability of rings in your specific size makes it challenging to pick the right engagement ring. And this also increases the need for adjustments to the original engagement ring. However, customizing your engagement ring is an effective and simple way to get the ring in the right size.

Time Your Purchase

If you have to make an expensive jewelry purchase on a budget, you should plan and think about when you intend to purchase that engagement ring. You will be pleased to know that many jewelers may offer items at discounted prices during slower seasons, such as fall and early summer.

Explore Gemstone Engagement Rings

Although there is no doubt that the classic diamond ring is highly coveted, there’s a certain magic and appeal to gemstone engagement rings that you may like. And contrary to popular belief, custom engagement rings don’t need to have a diamond, and other options, such as amethyst, emerald, turquoise, and sapphire, could do the trick.
Gemstones also add a level of uniqueness and sophistication to any engagement ring. However, if you still want that sparkling and coveted diamond center stone, you may experiment with various gemstone accents in order to add a unique flair to your engagement ring. 

Whether you are looking for yourself or someone else, Daniel & Co. has engagement and wedding ring designs to inspire you. The discounted selection at Daniel & Co. also includes bracelets for both women and men with vintage-inspired designs and modern styles.


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